Donors and Funds

In 1983, when Mama Cash started, she had access to the interest of an inheritance of 2,5 million guilders. Over the course of the years, many loyal and generous private donors gave money to Mama Cash, as well. Larger foundations and governments have also funded Mama Cash and have supported many of her grantees – groups that stand up for women’s rights. Likewise, the Nationale Postcode Loterij in the Netherlands trusts in Mama Cash’s approach and focus, and shows this with a substantial and flexible multi-year grant.

Read about how private donors travelled around the country and organised auctions, lectures and sports events to raise money for Mama Cash. Also read about women who were looking toward the future and mentioned Mama Cash in their wills, about how donors have been inspired to establish named funds, and about women in the northern region of the Netherlands who organise yearly events to mobilise money and donors for Mama Cash.

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    Donor Actions

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    Funds within Mama Cash