Vera Hordijk’s Biking Tour

Vera Hordijk’s Biking Tour

Vera Hordijk joined Mama Cash’s Campaign 88 days in 2010. Inspired by the campaign theme Go wild for women’s rights, Vera went wild on her bike in Thailand.

Vera: ‘My goal was to bike 888 kilometers and raise about 888 euros for women’s rights. Beforehand, I asked my friends and family to sponsor me per kilometer. On Februari 8, I started in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand and a bit less than a month later I arrived in Bangkok. I met so many nice people on the way, I loved every minute of the trip!’

Before she left, Mama Cash arranged for her to be in touch with the Committee for Asian Women in Bangkok. Vera: ‘This organisation welcomed me to their offices, where I met their members from six different countries: Japan, the Philippines, Nepal, Birma, Malaysia and Thailand. They were meeting to talk about their future plans, and also to celebrate International Women’s day together.

These powerful women invited me to join them for the women’s rights demonstration they had co-organised. I was thrilled that I could take part! Many refugee women participated in the celebrations. Demonstrating together with these courageous women, standing up and demonstrating for women’s rights, was so inspiring.’

By the time Vera arrived in Bangkok, she had raised 1125 euros for women’s and girls’ rights.

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