Baas Fonds

Baas Fonds

Named fund at Mama Cash (2009 – 2013)

Eetcafé De Baas (The Boss Cafe, a pub serving food) was founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1976 by students. They did not want to work for a boss and aspired to dismantle structures that deny people’s freedoms. De Baas operated in a sustainable manner from its beginning: it served free-range meat and organic vegetables. Eetcafé De Baas donated half of its profits to support a range of projects aimed at offering opportunities to people who are margianlised by mainstream society, such as refugees.

In 2008, it was no longer viable to continue De Baas due to a lack of volunteers and the idealistic pub had to close down. It was decided to donate the proceeds of the sales of the premises to Mama Cash. The café owners selected  Mama Cash because her aim to change oppressive social norms and structures related to the mission that De Baas had tried to achieve for over 30 years. The founders of De Baas shared Mama Cash’s belief in the power and potential of women to change the world.

Nienke Bobbert, former volunteer of Eetcafé De Baas, said: ‘Mama Cash’s rebellious attitude linked up nicely with De Baas’s philosophy. She also tries dismantle norms. She does not fight the symptoms, but supports women to take control, to fully participate and improve society.  Her purpose and operating method have our heartfelt support.’

In 2009, the premises were sold. Half of the home’s equity of €800,000 was transferred to the Mama Cash Baas Fund. In consultation with the volunteers of Café De Baas, Mama Cash funds groups that work on issues that are ignored by other donors.

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