Since 1983, Mama Cash has supported more than 6,000 groups in nearly every country in the world. For many groups, funding from Mama Cash has been the first international recognition of their fight for women’s rights. A grant from Mama Cash has meant more to the group than just money: it has often provided leverage to receive additional support from other donors, both locally and from abroad.

We have made a small selection of groups that received grants from Mama Cash. Read about HIV-positive women in Namibia who successfully challenged their forced sterilisation at the country’s highest court, and learn about a group of lesbian women in Slovenia who managed to establish a newspaper, a radio programme, and an archive in a homophobic environment. And also read about girls in northern Kenya who, instead of being circumcised against their will or forced into marriage, have access to education and learn about their rights and how to exercise them. Learn about the sex workers in southern Peru who demand police protection when their rights are violated and are working to establish a sex workers’ labour union.

  • Asociación de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila (ATRAHDOM), Guatemala

    Asociación de Trabajadoras …

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  • ŠKUC-LL, Slovenia

    ŠKUC-LL, Slovenia

  • Namibia Women’s Health Network, Namibia

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  • Pastoralist Girls Initiative, Kenya

    Pastoralist Girls Initiative…

  • Voices of Women Media, The Netherlands

    Voices of Women Media, The N…