Reflections on ten years of funding feminist activism

Mama cash founder Marjan Sax with Micky McIntyre speak at our 30th Anniversary Event.

After ten years of dedicated service, Executive Director Nicky McIntyre left Mama Cash at the end of May 2017. In sharing her decision to leave, Nicky said that she is as committed as ever to our movements and to Mama Cash’s work, and that she thought the time was ripe for a leadership change. She felt Mama Cash was in a strong position, and she wanted to make space for new leadership after a decade in the role of Executive Director.

As she prepared to leave, she collected her thoughts on some of the changes she has been part of at Mama Cash. In this document, “Reflections on Ten Years of Funding Feminist Activism”, she looks back on a decade of growth, changes, successes and challenges. She speaks here of the importance of developing a clarity of purpose, of taking (calculated) risks, of collaborating for greater impact and of daring to be ambitious and envision a just world.

Join Nicky as she looks back on ten years of funding feminist activism globally.