Since her establishment in 1983, Mama Cash has developed into an international organisation that supports women’s, girls’ and trans rights groups that push and shape mainstream and progressive agendas. People at the margins are the best positioned – and aware – to stand up for their own rights and work toward fundamental social change.

Mama Cash supports women who broach issues that were once considered taboo, such as freedom of sexual choice and access to safe abortion. Mama Cash also supports those at the margins, like lesbian women, sex workers, trans people and girls, to take control of their own lives. Read about how Mama Cash’s funding has contributed to real and lasting changes in the lives of women worldwide.

In 1983, Mama Cash was the first international women’s fund in the world. Over the course of the years and with her support, a network of 45 local, international and regional women’s funds has grown from Mongolia to Chile and from Serbia to South Africa. Each in its own region, they finance and support women’s and girls organisations that work for social justice. Explore this section to know how Mama Cash has not only financially supported women’s funds in their start-up phases, but has also contributed to the growth of a women’s funding movement.

In this section you can also read about Mama Cash’s more recent activities, such as learning and evaluation, and her work to influence and shape the field of social justice philanthropy.

  • A legacy of movement building

    A legacy of movement building

  • Diversity


  • Women with Inherited Wealth

    Women with Inherited Wealth

  • Girls


  • Lesbian women

    Lesbian women

  • Sex workers

    Sex workers

  • Abortion


  • Women’s Funds

    Women’s Funds

  • Learning and Accountability

    Learning and Accountability

  • Influencing Philantropy

    Influencing Philantropy

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